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Group for Reproductive, Endocrine and Environmental Toxicology

Humans and animal populations are increasingly exposed to chemicals in the environment throughout their lifetime. The developing organism represents an especially sensitive life stage. GREEN Tox conducts research on: (1) long-term toxicity of environmental chemicals (cosmetics, flame retardants) and mixtures of chemicals, with focus on endocrine effects, the developing organism and reproduction, (2) monitoring studies of human exposure to environmental chemicals, (3) development of refined test methods for endocrine activity and developmental toxicity. Since rational actions require reliable information, an additional focus of GREEN Tox is continuous education for the scientific community and the public.

New Horizon 2020 Project: ENDpoiNTs: Novel Testing Strategies for Endocrine Disruptors linked to Developmental Neurotoxicity

New Series

Issue 1: Glyphosate

Glyphosat heute

Issue 2: UV-Filter and Sperm Function

UV-Filter and Sperm Function